This Past Spring

Darin Gray and Loren Connors


Released May 24, 2001


  • 1.   Part 1 (9:12)
  • 2.   Part 2 (4:38)
  • 3.   Part 3 (3:27)
  • 4.   Part 4 (3:02)
  • 5.   Part 5 (2:38)
  • 6.   Part 6 (6:34)
  • 7.   Part 7 (6:38)

"Loren MazzaCane tells us that this release -- his second with electric bassist Darin Gray has the best sound of all of his 20 plus releases, due to the excellent equipment at their disposal and the extremely quiet/respect of the audience at the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, Indiana in March of 2000. It is meant to be listened as an entire work, so that is the way it should be approached. That familiar haunting ghost-like melancholy tone and naked beauty is ever so elegant and touching. Darin Gray is perhaps Loren's most sympathetic partner -- he always balances the bottom with a warm and enchanting vibration which hovers in dark clouds and cushions the pain, terror and loneliness of Loren's majestic distortion -- digging deeper into the abyss and pouring out his guts for all to witness!"
-- Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC