The Departing of a Dream Vol. V

Loren Connors

FV98 10" Mini-Album/MP3/FLAC

Released May 6, 2016


  • 1.   Part One (13:29)
  • 2. Part Two (8:58)

After ten years, guitarist Loren Connors returns to his much acclaimed and beloved The Departing of a Dream series. Initially based loosely as tribute to Miles Davis' masterwork "He Loved Him Madly," Connors delves further into the inspiration to explore melody as a slow-moving spectrum of shades projected against a fragile, often decaying ambience.

Volume Five continues the theme, as Connors coaxes complex blues mutations and wide swathes of distant vibrating tones -- not unlike the expressionistic cry of Miles' horn. The flutter of voices and din that seep in between the sustained notes transform into a choir as only Connors can lead.

The mini-album is presented as a 10-inch, housed in a purple sleeve with metallic ink and download coupon.  Audio mastering by Taylor Deupree at 12k and vinyl mastering by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering. One-time edition of 500 copies.