Grand Ulena


Released November 4, 2003


  • 1.   Fyler (11:57)
  • 2.   Neosho (6:11)
  • 3.   Lemp (6:21)

Anyone who thought Grand Ulena's M.O. was a solid rush of melted melodies and discombobulated rhythms enforced with rapidity, needs to rethink with Neosho. These three extended pieces show a different side of the Darin Gray-Chris Trull-Danny McClain trio than heard on Gateway to Dignity. A searing minimalism is at the core here a result of the spontaneity and immediacy of the session. Ranging from the push/pull of vicious volume to near silences.

"This sophomore release from St. Louis instrumental art-core trio Grand Ulena is an ep comprising three fairly lengthy tracks. Each one builds a massive, almost static crescendo of bass, drums and guitar. Loud, difficult, trance music for those already attuned to the likes of Fushitsusha, who will find this cool indeed. Btw, Darin Gray (of Dazzling Killmen, Brise Glace, You Fantastic, etc.) is one of Grand Ulena's component parts." -- Aquarius Records, San Francisco, CA