Robert Crotty with Me: Loren's Collection (1979-1986)

Robert Crotty & Loren Connors

FV96 LP + CD/2xCD

Expected release date: October 20, 2017


  • 1. TB Blues (4:57)
  • 2. Come Back Baby (3:09)
  • 3. Improvisation No. 5 (1:22)
  • 4. Golden Ring (3:13)
  • 5. Improvisation No. 1 (1:21)
  • 6. Blow Wind Blow (3:11)
  • 7. That's All Right (4:25)
  • 8. Come Back Baby (3:35)
  • 9.   Bye And Bye, I'm Going To See The King (2:42)
  • 10.   Honeymoon Blues (4:56)
  • 11. Improvisation No. 3 (0:58)
  • 12. Improvisation No. 2 (2:52)
  • 13. Georgia On My Mind (1:52)
  • 14. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (2:42)

"I would go as far as to say that the few recordings that exist of these Robert Crotty sessions are among the finest and most beautiful blues documents of all time." -- Loren Connors

In the years 1979 to 1981, Robert Crotty would show up on Loren Connors’ doorstep in New Haven, CT with his tiny, almost toy guitar. The two would then spend hours drinking beer and playing acoustic blues, the likes of which was absolutely staggering in its truthfulness.

Robert Crotty with Me: Loren's Collection (1979-1986) is the first anthology of the late bluesman’s work, as selected by his former playing partner. Some recordings are Crotty stark, solo and seething with the spirits of Blind Willie Johnson and Jimmie Rogers; others are duos with Connors’ ghostly vocal moan and slide guitar.

Crotty was a New Haven, Connecticut lifer and linchpin of the region's blues scene yet, he never achieved much recognition outside local bars and house parties — until now. Robert Crotty with Me is the first time many of these rare cassette recordings have ever been heard.

The album features liner notes by Connors and Tim Crotty and a bonus CD: the first-time reissue of Robert Crotty Blues — Crotty’s sole LP, released on Connors’ St. Joan imprint in 1989. The CD also includes Prove It! -- the ultra rare 7-inch EP issued on St. Joan in 1988.

LP includes a full-color inner sleeve featuring never before seen photographs of Crotty and download coupon.