The New Edge


FV32 5xCD + DVD Box

Released October 12, 2004

  • 5xCD+DVD Box

    Out of print

The New Edge is a stunning and absolute collection of the 1999-2005 releases by O-Type, a 20-plus year collective morphed from the Bay Area hard-art genius that is MX-80, featuring the nucleus of guitar hero Bruce Anderson and sonic sage Dale Sophiea with Jim Hrabetin (guitar, bass) and percussionists Mark Weinstein and Dave Mahoney. Often surpassing levels of full-on abstraction, in terms of structure and melody, O-Type blend fields of ambient distillation and jagged, electroid rhythm fragments into sprawling narratives, composed in real time, that evoke movie soundtracks, musique concrete, minimalism, and guitar psychedelia with references spanning from Morton Feldman to Pete Cosey.

The New Edge is a limited edition, handmade box with wrap around, hand screened cover art and printed inner cards containing all of O-Type's Family Vineyard releases: StrictBrutality II: Balkana; Medication; Lugubriousand Western Classics. Exclusive to this release is the Godawful DVD featuring unreleased O-Type music and video work of Dale Sophia.