So Clear


FV12 7-inch

Released April 2, 2002


  • 1. So Clear (4:42)
  • 2. Lights Out (4:05)

In 1975 guitarist Bruce Anderson formed Indiana's, if not America's, most outrageous and iconoclast art rock band, MX-80 Sound. Their debut 7" EP Big Hits was released on two different Bloomington labels -- 1976 on BRBQ and 1977 on Gulcher -- and has since become a classic heavy/art metal slab. Now 25 years since their formation the Bay Area, California based-combo begins a new phase with this single, their first studio recordings since 1996.

Vocalist, lyricist, and cynic Rich Stim is back on game, dropping his deadpan, Dada-views on the modern world; energy wasters, SUV hounds, drunks, and despoilers all get laid out one-by one. Backed by original members Anderson (guitar), Dale Sophiea (bass, samples), and long-time associates Marc Weinstein (drums) and Jim Hrabetin (guitar), MX-80 has recaptured their time-tested bizarro song-form while adding new layers of blood and seed to tangle up any conceptions or reservations you may hold. A far different sound to what these cats, sans Stim, have been doing recently as O-Type. Edition of 500 on transparent vinyl.