O-Type is the legendary art punk band MX-80 sans singer Rich Stim -- that is, Bay Area guitarist Bruce Anderson, percussionists Mark Weinstein and Dave Mahoney, Jim Hrabetin (guitar, bass) and Dale Sophiea who uses a sampler and mixer to shape the sonic emanations produced by the other four. Starting operation in 1985 as a Sophiea/Anderson duo, O-Type issued three cassettes and a CD through 1994 before entering hibernation. In 1998 O-Type expanded and began recording countless hours under The New Edge series banner, releasing five albums on Family Vineyard since 1999. O-Type often surpases levels of full-on abstraction, in terms of structure and melody, bending to fields of ambient distillation or jagged, electroid rhythm fragments. The New Edge pools together the members' three decades of musical research of minimalism, sound collage, music concrete, and composition into a body of work that stands above and without association with any current musical trends or scenes.


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O-Type News:

  • MX-80 Wishes You a 'Nuke Free' Columbus Day

    October 12, 2015

    Another fantastic, spot-on single from the upcoming MX-80 Sound album -- we are not releasing it but can't wait to grip a copy. Not sure how long it's been since we heard Bruce Anderson, dare we say, shred out on the six-string like he does here but we're loving it. Damn. This will be the Bay Area combo's first album since FV issued 2005's We're An American Band.

  • Default_darling

    Darling, O-Type is back

    May 26, 2014

    So, it's been almost 15 years since the first Family Vineyard release Strict -- an album from MX-80 members Bruce Anderson (guitar), Dale Sophiea (sampler) and their usual cohorts Dave Mahoney (drums), Jim Hrabetin (guitar) and Marc Weinstein (drums). The CD was released under their names, but the project later (re)morphed into O-Type, a badge they'd been using since the mid-1980s. So it's a gas, and a helluva surprise, to find out Milvia Sun have just reissued O-Type's 1988 cassette Darling as a 300-edition LP in screened covers. Now Darling is no musique concrète revision of Mr. Anderson's guitar styling as Strict was/is. Instead, Darling is post-MX-vision rock with Anderson taking the mic at times to sound like a "gruff, drunken, almost sick sounding barrage, coming a little too close to the far-beyond-gone state of Bobby Soxx at the dead end of Stick Men With Ray Guns" (or so sez our pal Doug). Nonethless, we think you oughta buy both.