Unstable Ensemble


Released August 16, 2005


  • 1.   Everything Vibrates (18:47)
  • 2.   Better Up North (5:50)
  • 3.   Bone (6:14)
  • 4.   Black Wings (6:12)
  • 5.   Sphere (13:05)
  • 6.   Embers (2:26)

Unstable Ensemble's third -- and final -- full-length is their most finely honed improvisational gesture. Embers is a menage of sax/guitar melody slivers shifting amongst crackling electronic tones and bowed percussion. Existing amongst the shadowy fringes of North American improvisation since 1999, Unstable Ensemble's driftage has carried itself vast miles toward border crossings and large/no audiences to bestow ephemeral sound demonstrations as anti-placates to jazzbo tokers and noise-junkies. Encapsulating many forces, Embers surges with titanic electronic gale and absolute stillness while inner lyrical intricacies summon forlorn memories.

" ... the music they play is in the fits-and-starts, highly abstract, texture-stressed style of post-reductionist free improv, in which instrumental technique and orthodox musical concerns are secondary to the interrogation of sound, though when melody comes along ('Black Wings') they relish rather than relinquish it." -- Brian Marley, The Wire