San Agustin


Released April 3, 2000


  • 1.   Flint River Song (15:45)
  • 2.   Ocmulgee Hills (12:28)
  • 3.   Cypress Leaf (1:20)
  • 4.   Fall Line Highway (3:33)
  • 5.   Altamaha (10:24)

NYC/Atlanta trio of Andrew Burnes (guitar), Davd Daniell (guitar), and Bryan Fielden, (drums). This debut full-length takes the six-string blues dissonance to new heights. Glacial tempos rich in melodic-flow position themselves between the partial jazz trappings. Quite a technical (and emotional) leap from the debut 12" on Road Cone. These three have create a totally whole and unique American music all their own. Gorgeous metallic on metallic ink insert and tray designed by Henry Owens.

"On amokhali the trio works in suspended slow-motion patterns that revolve around simple resonating phrases, like a rock trio stripped of all content-just leaving a bare skeleton of tone traces behind. The beauty is in its strict restraint; unlike many improvising trios, the group never heads off into chaos, with every piece a tamed and trimmed exercise in controlled feedback and subtle cymbal chimes. Bridging post-rock and avant-garde on one axis, and on the other retaining a strict adherence to rock tradition, the feel is of a familiar austerity that calls to mind the chilling moments of Sonic Youth's first album." -- Skip Jansen, All Music Guide