San Agustin

The New York City-via-Atalanta based trio of Andrew Burnes, guitar; David Daniell, guitar, baritone guitar; and Bryan Fielden, drums, has been performing since 1996 and along the way have intersected with Loren MazzaCane Connors, Daniel Carter and Suzanne Langille.

"[San Agustin] works in suspended slow-motion patterns that revolve around simple resonating phrases, like a rock trio stripped of all content -- just leaving a bare skeleton of tone traces behind. The beauty is in its strict restraint; unlike many improvising trios, the group never heads off into chaos, with every piece a tamed and trimmed exercise in controlled feedback and subtle cymbal chimes. Bridging post-rock and avant-garde on one axis, and on the other retaining a strict adherence to rock tradition, the feel is of a familiar austerity that calls to mind the chilling moments of Sonic Youth's first album. (AMG)"

Releases on Road Cone, Old Gold and the dazzling 3xCD set The Expanding Sea is available from Table of the Elements.


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