Moeru Mizu

Philip Gayle & Kato Yuko

FV07 7-inch EP/MP3/FLAC

Released April 2, 2002


  • 1.   Wee Wee Wee (7:15)
  • 2.   Burek Mariado (4:53)
  • 3.   Shiranai Dareka (2:42)

Houston, Texas acoustic guitarist Philip Gayle and the hopelessly obscure pianist Kato Yuko hooked up for a one time, session at Sugarhill Recording Studios on New Year's Eve 2000. The two battered around a free improv whirlwind of whistles, toys, Korean / Chinese / Japanese food-speak, stringed-things and piano-keys. Recorded live, this three track, near-15 minute mind-fuck of an EP sounds like this duo grew extra body members to rattle, stroke and blow anything within reach. Fed through the studio's spanking new sound board (still hot from the hands of previous owner Todd Rundgren) every bristle of body hair, from head to toe, is down on tape.

Edition of 400 in letter-pressed, silk-screened jackets with transparent ink -- printed by Kangaroo Press.