Meet Robert Crotty

November 10, 2017

Meet Robert Crotty.

"In my mind, he was the finest blues musician of the post-World War II generation," says Loren Connors says of the late Crotty. "It was a sad misfortune that he never gained a following outside his hometown. Sure, New Haven music critics praised him, but none really laid it down that here among them lived a great genius."

We're very excited to release the first anthology of Crotty's music -- Robert Crotty with Me: Loren's Collection (1979-1987) -- on Dec. 8. This includes never before heard duos of Connors and Crotty perfectly in lock through acoustic improvisations and reshaping blues standards. The album also includes the first-time reissue of Crotty's sole LP and 45 single -- both released by Connors' on his private St. Joan imprint.