Nuvo's Top 100 Indiana albums

April 12, 2014

What a surprise -- though, not really, ya know? -- to see two of our albums on Nuvo's 100 top Indiana records of all time. And it's fitting that John Terrill's honey-baked classic Frowny Frown is picked alongside Apache Dropout's blasted debut. Terrill has been a heavy influence -- musically, spiritually and in libation -- to many of the Hoosier underground. As the Mad Monk, Terrill has collaborated with Apache Dropout in the past years (check out 2012's year's My Wild Life 7-inch) bringing this whole guru-teacher-student-thing full circle.

While we gotta say there are some harsh omittance on Nuvo's list -- no Suni McGrath?!, no Sardnia?!, no Hoosier Hysteria!?!? and no Problematics?! -- we aint gonna seeth too much.