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  • Charlie Chaplin meets Loren Connors

    July 10, 2014

    If you have not seen Loren Connors' adaption of "City Lights," it's about time to change that. "The sole purpose of this use of the images is to illustrate the timelessness of the more serious scenes of the film in the context of modern music and to indicate how the film would "feel" with the "slapstick" elements (roughly three-fourths of the film eliminated, which transforms the material and uses it for a different purpose than the original intent and comedic value)." - LC

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    Hated Music Lives On

    June 10, 2014

    The hated music of Paul Falherty and Chris Corsano is back in black (and white). 

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    Darling, O-Type is back

    May 26, 2014

    So, it's been almost 15 years since the first Family Vineyard release Strict -- an album from MX-80 members Bruce Anderson (guitar), Dale Sophiea (sampler) and their usual cohorts Dave Mahoney (drums), Jim Hrabetin (guitar) and Marc Weinstein (drums). The CD was released under their names, but the project later (re)morphed into O-Type, a badge they'd been using since the mid-1980s. So it's a gas, and a helluva surprise, to find out Milvia Sun have just reissued O-Type's 1988 cassette Darling as a 300-edition LP in screened covers. Now Darling is no musique concrète revision of Mr. Anderson's guitar styling as Strict was/is. Instead, Darling is post-MX-vision rock with Anderson taking the mic at times to sound like a "gruff, drunken, almost sick sounding barrage, coming a little too close to the far-beyond-gone state of Bobby Soxx at the dead end of Stick Men With Ray Guns" (or so sez our pal Doug). Nonethless, we think you oughta buy both.

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    Nuvo's Top 100 Indiana albums

    April 12, 2014

    What a surprise -- though, not really, ya know? -- to see two of our albums on Nuvo's 100 top Indiana records of all time. And it's fitting that John Terrill's honey-baked classic Frowny Frown is picked alongside Apache Dropout's blasted debut. Terrill has been a heavy influence -- musically, spiritually and in libation -- to many of the Hoosier underground. As the Mad Monk, Terrill has collaborated with Apache Dropout in the past years (check out 2012's year's My Wild Life 7-inch) bringing this whole guru-teacher-student-thing full circle.

    While we gotta say there are some harsh omittance on Nuvo's list -- no Suni McGrath?!, no Sardnia?!, no Hoosier Hysteria!?!? and no Problematics?! -- we aint gonna seeth too much. 

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    Chris Corsano and Mette Rasmussen April tour

    April 1, 2014

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