The Blithe Sons

The Blithe Sons is the duo of Loren Chasse (Coelacanth, Of, Thuja, Child Readers) and Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, the Birdtree, Thuja), stationed in the San Francisco, CA area. With acoustic guitar, harps, bells, harmonium, toy-amplifiers, gongs submerged in a creek, cymbals, battery-powered keyboards, vocals, banjo, birds, pipes, bell-blocks, drums, branches and the location itself as an instrument, We Walk the Young Earth weaves minimalist hymns with stark drones. The Blithe Sons conjure an imaginary wilderness through the sounds made within these mysterious locales, combining Chasse's leanings towards tones and percussive textures with Donaldson's folk-inflected melodies. Outside of publications on their own Jewelled Antler imprint, recordings have surfaced on Chocolate Monk (UK) and Root Don Lonie For Cash (NZ).

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