Rope was the trio of Przemyslaw Chris Drazek (guitars), Robert Iwanik (electric bass, vocals) and Michael Kendrick (trap set). Formed in 1998 by Drazek and Iwanik in Poland, the two now reside in Chicago. Rope creates an inverse of crushing weight through trance-like guitar picking coupled with deep valleys of absence, light drones, frantic to grounding drumming and Iwanik's soothing bass. Intense performers, the three utilize shifts in volume and silence to evoke near-classical structures before vaulting into the near haze of cascading guitar sheets of sonic blight.

"Rope's sonic excursions meet somewhere between the seedy intersection of free jazz and no-wave. Iwanik's wind-knocked-out-of-me vocals recall US Maple's Al Johnson. Coupled with Kendrick's mix of Tourette-esque drum fills and household percussion and Drazek's six-string squeals, the result is a chilling and delightful mess of cacophony that should elicit much excitement from fans of the avant-garde." -- P.J. Osbourne, Resonace

Rope disbanded in 2007. Drazek and Kendrick now perform in the Chicago-based Mako Sica. Iwanik is in Alchimia of Seattle.


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