Kid Millions & Jim Sauter

Kid Millions a.k.a. John Colpitts, perhaps better known as the drummer for Oneida, has also recorded and released several drums-only records under the name Man Forever. He and older/wiser fire-spitting saxist Jim Sauter are also members of the rockist band Scarcity Of Tanks. Here they appear in duo, with no over-arching structures to contend with, and let fly.

Sauter plays his sax amplified, with effects, and thus can often come on somewhat like a guitarist, though there's no mistaking his sound. If you've heard Borbetomagus or his work with Blue Humans, you'll recognize it immediately. Millions' drumming is indeed energetic, a non-stop series of press rolls and low end rumble, which occasionally sticks out when Sauter pauses for breath. When they're both going full-bore, their sounds seem to blend together into a smeared, feedback-laden mass.

Their debut Boanerges was released in 2012 on Japan's Doubt Music label.

(description by Jeph Jerman)


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Kid Millions & Jim Sauter News:

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    Jim and Kid on Tour

    July 15, 2019

    Get blasted with Jim and Kid... details on the tour page. 

  • Jim and Kid are 'Safe & Sane'

    April 1, 2019

    Outrageous. Rabid. Explosive. #WTF? Whatever words you throw at Borbetomagus saxophonist Jim Sauter and Oneida / Man Forever drummer Kid Millions, they’ll chomp ‘em up and respond with a gargantuan roar to erase all notions of what a horn and skins can do.

    The duo’s prior albums were built of tightly, clustered bursts and barbed assaults. On Safe & Sane, Sauter and Millions eschew brevity for ultra-endurance. The opening “Chrysanthemum,” clocks in at 32 minutes and continues on Side B before a final 12-minute avalanche that is “Falling Spiders.”

    LP out March 3, 2019 -- a split release with Astral Spirits of Austin, TX. Preorder now!

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    The "ass kicking" of Millions and Sauter

    December 17, 2014

    Not much else to add cause Phil Freeman at Burning Ambulance nails down Kid Millions & Jim Sauter's Fountain as "one of the more ass-kicking records of the year." We think that proclamation extends into 2015 too. Read more here.

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    Fountain - it's on!

    November 7, 2014

    Now is the time to preorder Fountain, the blasted collab of drummer Kid Millions and saxophonist Jim Sauter. The LP is out worldwide Dec. 2nd. Over at the NPR's All Songs Considered blog, Lars Gotrich debuted the track "Game Jump" and aptly described it as:

    "Sauter issues a brief warning that sounds something like a zombie-infested cruise ship bellowing its final notes before it plummets into a blood-freezing ocean. Then it's on. Sauter stabs at his feedback-ridden sax while Millions enters a manic headspace with his hydra-armed drum work ... This is improvised mayhem, but it seems to grin from ear to ear." 

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    Kid Millions on Whiplash, drumming

    October 24, 2014

    "Music is not about trying to be the Average musician who ever lived. It's not about idealizing a friendless, obsessive, tortured existence for something as abstracted and devoid of joy as competition. It's about playing music with people -- finding a community and truly connecting with other people. Yes, some of that path requires that you spend a lot of time by yourself, practicing. But the goal is never to be Charlie Parker or 'one of the greats.' That's some sophomoric academy shit" -- so proclaims Kid Millions in this great interview over at The Talkhouse about the jazz film Whiplash and drumming. Read full piece here.

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    Upcoming: Kid Millions & Jim Sauter "Fountain" LP!

    October 6, 2014

    Very happy to annouce the upcoming Kid Millions & Jim Sauter Fountain LP to be released worldwide Dec. 2. Neither of these guys needs an introduction at this point yet what they've created here cracks new groud in the whole matrix of drum/sax duos. Since you won't disagree with us, here's our own blurage on Fountain

    "Across six pieces they explore massively hypnotic tonal harmonics and torrential rhythms. This is hardcore abstraction from two New York sherpas yanking us headlong into a third-eye odyssey, surpassing altitudes merely attempted by others. 

    Kid is founding member of Oneida and the ace behind the percussion-focused Man Forever. Sauter is synonymous with the 35-year juggernaut Borbetomagus -- pioneers of sound/jazz vivisection and inexorable vision. Since 2012 these two pushed forth this magnificent grandeur, merging physical power/sweat and sculpted electricity/stretched skins. While both are known for feats of extreme artistic endurance, as a duo they opt for ferocious concentration -- a savage pop-style of density and texture.

    As an omnipotent duo, neither Kid or Sauter anchors the other, instead they smash the fulcrum and spin perpetually in free-fall. Sauter extracts new techniques and structures from his howling amplified tenor sax. On 'Turkana' he builds layers of gnarled drones like some goddamn Dream Syndicate lasagna, while on 'Vertical Sprint' Kid weaves polyrhythms and stuttering cross-beats around/into the heart of horn shards. There's zero gravity here"

    Fountain was recorded and mixed at Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn with Tom Tierney and Alex Mead-Fox, and mastered/cut by Josh Bonati. Album designed by Dan Schechter. Pressed on pristine 150 gram vinyl by Quality Record Pressing. Edition of 800 with download.