Hisato Higuchi

Hisato Higuchi was born in Nagoya, Japan and now lives in Tokyo. A guitarist and vocalist, Hisato first embarked on his artistic travels as a puppeteer for a theater company. In 1990 he started creating music in his home studio and eventually released his debut CD EP She in 2003. Higuchi's spectral tone and haunting sing-style has best been described by Volcanic Tongue's David Keenan as "beautiful melodic/melancholic space-blues that touch on poles as precious as Mazzacane, Keiji Haino and Patty Waters." Performing for the past six years Higuchi has recently issued the 2004 11 2005 4 full-length on his own Blue Ghost imprint, outside of two compilation appearances from PSF and WFUM, before releasing music world wide with Family Vineyard.


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